I'm trying to install the latest Symantec Endpoint protection, Small Business Edition on my clients' Dell desktops, however, when I try to install the Symantec Endpoint protection I was asked to uninstall Dell Embassy Trust Suite before proceeding.

I have tried to run applwiz.cpl in administrator mode, but I didn't find the Dell Embassy Trust suite anywhere in the Add/Remove Programs,

I have log this case to Symanctec support but it seems that the support have no other solution to resolve this.

Kindly advise what can I do because otherwise my clients are not protected.

User's PC specification:

Desktop with Windows 10 installed.

I have uninstalled Dell Data security access and reinstall Symantec which worked. 

Funny thing is that it is only when I uninstall Dell Data Security Access, then only did I see the word Wave appears as the software name.

Case can be closed